German Rwandan Tech Network Rwanda Coding Academy <> Code University Berlin

Rwanda Coding Academy <> Code University Berlin

Through the German Rwandan Tech Network the Rwanda Coding Academy and the Code University Berlin – two of the prime educational institutions for applied IT-skills in their respective countries – were connected and are exploring possibilities of collaboration. This partnership is intended to furnish the Rwanda Coding Academy with deep methodological expertise in tech education and give the Code University Berlin exposure to the developments of one of the world’s fastest growing IT-scenes.
The Berlin based Code University is pursuing an innovative educational concept which is rooted exculusively in the needs of the tech-industry instead of academic traditions that dominate the schedule and teaching methodologies at other older educational institutions.

From day one students at Code University work on real-life projects with some of the leading tech firms on the German and global marketplace. The curriculum is fully project-based and dominated by a clear vision to cultivate graduates who are ready to become changemakers in their industry.

This vision aligns perfectly with the vision with which the Rwanda Coding Academy was founded in February 2019. As Rwanda’s most ambitious initiative in tech-education it is recruiting the top talented high-school students from all over Rwanda to give them a three year immersive tech education that will result in market-ready developers who will play a pivotal role in transforming Rwandas IT-landscape.

In the pilot phase of the cooperation of the two institutions exchange-visits of instructors of the Rwanda Coding Academy and the Code University Berlin are planned to take place in October 2019 and January 2020 respectively. The exchange visits will focus on co-teaching short, project-based modules in order to get to know each other’s approaches and status quo. Following these exchange visits the partners will iterate into a more long-term cooperation process.Posted in German Rwandan Tech