German Rwandan Tech Network Development of a QA software testing industry in Rwanda

Development of a QA software testing industry in Rwanda

QA Training Workshop

QA software testing is an industry with immense job creation potential for Rwanda and an area of IT-service-provision in which growing tech-companies in Germany have constant demand.
Two German Rwandan Tech Network founding members have already entered a partnership in this field: Muraho Technologies, pioneer and leader in the QA software development industry in Rwanda, and Dalia Research, a fast growing Berlin based tech startup.

Furthermore the German non-profit association Tech in Ruanda e.V. has initiated a work and learn program for aspriring QA testers. In the context of this program participants use online outsourcing-platforms such as and the utest platform of to work on QA projects from all over the world and train their QA skills. While doing so they receive training by a project manager of Tech in Ruanda e.V. and they are supported by the programmers of the Octan Group who volunteer their time for this capacity building project.

A first pilot phase of this work and learn program is currently being conducted with graduates of the WeCode QA-training programme. Muraho Technologies is lending pivotal assistance in this pilot project.
Parallel to that a second pilot cohort is currently starting in cooperation with graduates of Kepler University Kigali.